Connect and use your BIM data

Empower your BIM data

Connect and use your BIM data

SEVE-UP creates the bridge between the BIM (Building Information Modeling) world and the BI (Business Intelligence) world through Data Visualization.

3D model’s building information contains a structured data load in the building’s digital elements. These data are loaded throughout the construction process, from the planning phase to the construction phase. To efficiently operate and maintain buildings, SEVE-UP creates a Decision Support Instrument (DSI) by extracting, loading, and transforming data streams to connect your BIM models to your own database by create a BIM database.

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SEVE-UP and the decision maker

Analyse your data
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We create a smart and specific dashboard in a dedicated web application to display your BIM database and other data base in the same screen.

Depending on the user’s business, the data is sorted, the dashboard visuals are adjusted to focus on user-specific use cases and they are also dynamic and connected to get an overview of your data to make a better choice. We develop specific visuals to integrate BIM 3D and CAD drawings on dashboards.

Using our specific BIM-Manager tools and Power BI software embedded workflow, we quickly model your own web application to save time to properly analyze your global needs and data needs. we really strive to help you to save time during your day work.

SEVE-UP and the field technician

Update your data

Buildings are alive! After delivery, each year, buildings change, the data must be updated from the field, SEVE-UP deploy a mobile app to not update any graphical data directly on your BIM DATAbase.


Decision maker dashboard is updated in real time after verification and validation of the process. 

Access to the account monitoring data on mobile users according to the specificity of the technician to be sure to load real data.

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SEVE-UP and the BIM Manager

Easy Reporting

BIM Workflow is technical and requires specific skills, the final users are not always able to navigate throughout the 3D model to quickly find the information they need.

Our BIM MANAGER tools are here to help you with your reporting and demonstrations. Indeed the latter allows to easily show the customers that the work is being done correctly.

Connect and use your BIM data

Convert your BIM model (.ifc) to an object-relational database...

Integrate your BIM model (.ifc) within your Power BI dashboards...

We create BIM Power BI dashboards for you, we strive help you save time...

Connect and use your BIM data