Take control of your data


The legacy database’s management is a major issue because this data is considered as knowledge source of real estate assets. Data is becoming a full-fledged efficiency level for all estate strategies…

Today, this data comes in multiple formats, making it difficult to access, quickly obsolete and unusable.
The emergence of digital technology in construction processes and the ability to model an avatar of new or existing structures (BIM) make it possible to build up rich information bases.

But the constitution of a legacy “heritage” database for the Operation, Management and Maintenance phases of structures requires specific and clear information to these uses.

SEVE-UP aims to meet these requirements by offering solutions and guaranteeing the control of the data, its operations, and its sustainability over time.

Own your digital transformation

Easy solutions

SEVE-UP, through the experience of its founders, makes it possible to interconnect the world of asset and wealth management and that of construction industry and digital technology.

The digital transition in Building and Real Estate, using simple tools, must serve all stakeholders, specially project Owners and Asset Managers. This is a real opportunity that will better manage the human dimension.

SEVE-UP develops simple solutions for your purposes, to enjoy the benefits of digital without its constraints.

The link between all your data

Increase value

We provide the link between data “field” – Digital model – Patrimonial Information System or business software.

We update your graphic and non-graphic legacy data and track software versions to guarantee the durability of the information.
We add value to your data by providing reporting and decision support tools for your wealth management.

Our BIM-Manager products


Display and analyse in a fast and smart way your BIM data.

Create a complete database from your IFC BIM files without loosing any data.